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Vikas Pandey

Patience and confidence together with principles create an environment that awards a very long-term success with peace and satisfaction. Vikas Pandey adopted this methodology to start his work as a LIC agent in 2003. At the initial stage, he felt that most of agents are not providing post services to update the requisite changes for preventing loss or dissatisfaction of the existing customers. Therefore, he started non-interrupted services on life insurance policies but on later stage he also found that most of peoples are neither aware to protect their income nor plan the future’s accountability towards family. As a result, they are found in critical conditions in case of an unfortunate event.  Thus he started door-step free services for proper financial planning through insurance and investment. He collected personal and financial information through a prescribed format for a need based overall assessment and advice.

Then he created portfolios for overall financial planning with a view to protect the present income and ensure the future’s accountabilities towards family so as the clients may be able to overcome in case of an unfortunate event. It was so difficult but he tried again and again and after continuous efforts he succeeded to provide ideal insurance and investment with non-interrupted services. Another tools of success were the dedication, honesty and punctuality towards the work.

Meet Vikas Pandey! The person whose keen foresight, strong business acumen and the unmatched ability to make it big in the challenging world of insurance and investment. He never hesitates to show the facts for taking an appropriate decision. Vikas says, “Things were different decades ago when I took to selling insurance, the peoples were not much aware about the proper planning of insurance and investment”. However, he had made a tremendous effort to realize the people and carefully created portfolios looking to the present financial conditions with futures’ liabilities.

         The responsible and dedicated services of Vikas Pandey resulted a broad list of up market clients that include renowned doctors, lawyers, administrators, industrialists and directors of the reputed institutions. Vikas Pandey is known as a best Financial Advisor for financial Planning & risk management through life insurance, health Insurance, and mutual funds investments.

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