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It is notified that the VP Financial Nest (VPFN)  has been successfully performing financial and marketing activities for the last 20 years and now  it has around 3750 individual customers for which the financial planning is being monitored. It has sufficient tools, infrastructure, and efficient manpower for providing practical training. During the workings, it was noticed by VPFN that the firms engaged in financial activities are facing difficulties for want of practically trained employees. On the other hand, under graduates and  fresh graduates are also facing so many difficulties in financial planning and marketing due to the lack of proper practical training. Therefore, intending to fulfill the market demand, The VPFN has offered an internship program for under graduates and  fresh graduates of professional courses who are willing to learn the complete working procedure for acquiring a suitable job position. Interested candidates can get the benefit of the offer by reserving their seats in available slots. The VPFN has limited seats and therefore candidates are advised to reserve their seats on a first come first serve principle. Candidates may submit their enrollment form online .


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